Part One: Standing for Election

Part Two: In the States

Part Three: Everything Else

Will I get the equipment I need to do the job?

You will be issued with a States’ laptop. I am not sure if there are plans to provide you with any other equipment this time around — last term, each of us was given a choice from a small range of laptops and tablets, and we were entitled to one free bit of tech each. The expectation (which you may or may not agree with) is that you will handle your States’ work on that computer, because it has the right security protections.

You might want to ask more-experienced Deputies what tech they’ve been using, and what works well for them. For example, if you receive most of your papers digitally, but you’re the kind of person who likes to scribble in the margins, you might get on better with a tablet and stylus than a laptop. Ask around before you decide what to pitch for.

You won’t be issued with a States’ phone (to the best of my knowledge), but you probably can’t do the job without one. The decision you’ll need to make now – if you didn’t already do so during the campaign period – is whether you want to continue using one phone for personal and work calls, or whether you’d like to keep your personal phone private, and have one that you only use for work.

If you need a reasonable adjustment to make States’ work accessible to you, ask for it upfront, and insist on it. It is your right, and you mustn’t be prevented from doing your work as a States Member because the technology is inaccessible. (Oh, and this should go without saying, but don’t let anyone tell you that you’re going to have to pay for it yourself. If everybody else is issued with a States laptop that they can work with, but you need a bit of additional tech to make that laptop work for you, then it must be part of the package.)