Part One: Standing for Election

Part Two: In the States

Part Three: Everything Else

Who Can I Ask For Help?

All sorts of people. Fellow States Members will have faced the most similar challenges and concerns, and they are a valuable source of practical knowledge. It’s always worth talking to more than one person, though, as everyone will have their own different perspectives on what can be achieved and how!

Remember that a lot of retired States Members are still interested in politics (or perhaps, more to the point, still recognise the value of politics) and would be more than happy to help if you wanted to ask someone who knows the game, but isn’t playing it, so to speak.

Civil servants are there to help, too. There’s a wonderful team at the Greffe who support States Meetings – they’re all fantastic, and have seen it all before, and I don’t think they’d treat anything as a silly question. They’d either be able to help you out directly, or point you in the direction of someone who can. The States Greffier – a new role, created this term – is meant to be the main point of contact for States Members, for technical advice on all sorts of political matters.

Committee civil servants can help answer your Committee-related questions. If you’re on a Committee, they’ll provide you with all sorts of assistance in that role as well – but even if you’re not, there’s nothing to stop you approaching Committee officers with questions, and they will no doubt do what they can to help.

You’re learning the ropes when you’re newly elected – you are not expected to transform into an experienced Deputy overnight. It is okay not to know. The more you take the time to ask questions and to learn, the more effective you will be as you continue in your role – so don’t be afraid to do so.