Part One: Standing for Election

Part Two: In the States

Part Three: Everything Else

What’s Going To Change Now?

Well, you’ve got a new job, with a new rhythm, and a whole new set of responsibilities. Your life is probably going to feel like it has changed quite dramatically.

But it won’t necessarily feel that way to the rest of the Island, and you might find that comforting. Social media does change with the flick of a switch – even if they were cheering you on as an outsider during the Election, as soon as you’re elected you’re part of “the establishment” and not to be trusted. It’s not logical, but there we go. But the outside world isn’t like that. People don’t suddenly start recognising you in the street – at most, you’ll probably get those friendly half-smiles from people who think “I know that person from somewhere, but I can’t place where – maybe we met a while ago?”

Being a Deputy in Guernsey is certainly not some kind of instant celebrity. The only time that has ever really happened is with Heidi and Gavin during COVID, and of course with John Gollop – but his is a reputation built up over tens of years. You do occasionally get drawn into conversations with strangers, but it’s pretty rare (unless you choose otherwise) and that’s rather nice.