Part One: Standing for Election

Part Two: In the States

Part Three: Everything Else

What happens when we’re sworn in?

You’ll be sworn in at the Royal Court on the morning of 16 October. You’ll make an oath or an affirmation, to serve the Island and the Crown to the best of your ability.

You’ll be given the exact wording in advance – I can’t remember if you’re allowed to read it out, or if you repeat it after someone like at a wedding. But either way, you’ll be given a clear explanation of what’s expected (and if you’re still uncertain, just follow what the others are doing!).

It’s a bit of a fancy ceremony – if you’re not sure what to wear, aim for office smart, I think. Unless I’ve completely forgotten, it’s certainly not black tie or anything silly like that! (But don’t let me mislead you or cramp your style, I’m the worst person to ask for clothing advice. Just ask your new colleagues what they’re doing if you’re not sure.)

You can normally bring friends and family along to watch from the public gallery if you want to. It’s a bit special, because it marks the end of a successful election campaign and the start of an extraordinary four years. There’s no shame in making a bit of a fuss about that! I’m not sure if there’ll be a limit on the amount of guests you can invite – I’m sure you’ll be told if so – but just be a bit thoughtful, and remember that everyone else may want to bring along special people too!