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Should I be issuing my own media releases?

Media releases are short pieces that you write to explain your view on a particular issue, or to bring people’s attention to something important. As Deputies, you will find it helpful to write the occasional media release on topics that you’re working on – you can send those out directly to the local media, and they will usually cover the story.

I am not sure whether any of the local media will run media releases from candidates now that the campaign period is in full swing – it is worth checking with them directly, before you invest a lot of time in writing things that won’t see the light of day!

Whether or not you want to write media releases during your campaign, if you want to make sure you are on the media’s radar, one helpful thing to do is to create a list for yourself with the main contact email addresses of each of the local news outlets. You’ll be able to find these on each media outlet’s website.

Then, when you publish your thoughts on an important issue – for example, if you write a blog, or put information out on your Facebook page – consider sending your media contacts the link, to bring it to their attention. I wouldn’t suggest doing this for every single thing you write about! You don’t want people to hear from you so often that your emails become background noise. But pick a few well-chosen issues and share those.

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