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How should I respond to questions from the media?

As with questions from voters, just try and answer honestly and to the best of your ability. Your answers are going to be read or heard by lots of different people – some will be excited to hear what you say, and others will be unimpressed. Don’t worry about that too much: you can’t please everyone, and it is better to be frank than to tie yourself in knots trying to do so.

Remember that the media are likely to be working to fairly tight deadlines, so try and respond promptly to questions if you can. There will be limits depending on the format – if you’re told you’ve got two minutes to record a message to voters, then draft a script for yourself and read it through to make sure it’s not longer than two minutes. If you are asked to reply to a question in 50 words or less, then stick to that word limit.

That way, you won’t run the risk of having the end of your last sentence cut off and looking a bit silly, and you won’t start off on the wrong foot with the people who are going to be covering the next four years of your political career!

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