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How Do I Make Sure I Stay Safe?

I talk about safety a lot. I think it’s really important not to be complacent, or to say “it can’t happen here”. It can and it does. I was lucky not to have felt threatened during my term in government – I did feel unsafe, though. I felt like I’d put myself in risky situations, and didn’t have a clear escape plan if things went wrong. I think you owe it to yourself and others to be more careful than me: to be aware that, for example, if you’re meeting someone one-to-one, you need to do so in an environment where you can call for help, or can get away easily, if things go wrong. Make use of the ‘lone worker’ guidance you get. Ask friends or family who work in similar jobs what they do to keep themselves safe. Ask your fellow States Members what they do.

If you are threatened, as States Members sometimes are, ask for the help you need to keep yourself and your loved ones safe – don’t downplay a threat because it’s made online or by email, either.

On the other hand, I hope I haven’t made you think that there are dangers lurking around every corner. Most of the time, we’re fortunate to be very safe. But even so, it’s wise to think ahead and to avoid potentially sticky situations. Be aware that there are risks, and take steps to manage them sensibly.