Part One: Standing for Election

Part Two: In the States

Part Three: Everything Else

How do I know who to choose for other roles?

Get to know them, as much as you can in this short space of time. Get a sense of their track record, and also of their character. Is this someone who’s going to be in a position of particular responsibility, as a President? Will they be able to knit together a functional team, and manage disagreements without it all falling apart? Would you enjoy working for them yourself – or with them, if you’re both standing as ordinary Committee members? Are they competent and essentially decent?

Values matter, and there may be some issues that are red lines for you. It’s reasonable not to want a climate change denier on E&I, for example, when their ignorance could cost people on this Island their future. But if that kind of red line is not crossed, then don’t rule out someone for a role just because they’re very different to you – Committees are teams, and a diversity of views and experiences can enhance the way they work.