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Do I need to worry about data protection?

You need to know what your data protection responsibilities are as an Election candidate. These are explained in the official candidates’ guidance (page 19).

At this stage, it’s fairly straightforward. If you want to get a copy of the Electoral Roll – which is a list of all voters’ names and addresses – you will need to register with the Data Protection office (ODPA). You will be responsible for keeping your copy of the Electoral Roll safe, and for returning it at the end of the campaign period.

Once you are elected, the data protection responsibilities are much more wide-ranging and serious, and you will want to get your head around these early on. But for now, the message is, make sure you register with the ODPA if you want a copy of the Electoral Roll – this should be explained when you submit your nomination, in any event – and don’t misuse people’s contact details or pass them on to people who shouldn’t have them.

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