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Are There Meeting Room Facilities I Can Use?

There has always been a chronic lack of facilities for States Members. There are clear political reasons for this – Deputies want to be seen not to be wasting the public’s money on themselves, whether that’s on wages, a dedicated parliamentary building or offices, or even research assistants.

But let’s be clear, that motivation isn’t half as noble as it sounds – the politicians who are able to push that narrative are independently wealthy, able to provide themselves with the resources to do the job well without public funding. Many Deputies and potential candidates from ordinary backgrounds are disadvantaged by this public performance of ‘wearing a hair shirt’, and it entrenches a political elitism which is not healthy for the Island in general.

So, no. As a Deputy, you won’t have a ‘constituency office’, or a fixed base from which you can meet with concerned Islanders, unless you’re able to provide one for yourself. You are entitled to book meeting rooms in public sector buildings – although I don’t know whether that policy will change with the fall-out from Covid. It is well worth doing that, rather than meeting people in cafes and public spaces – it gives you greater privacy to have the difficult conversations you may need to have, while also being surrounded by people.